In addition to the Galactic Conquest, you can also play in TPC individual battles against the AI ​​or human opponents in space or on the ground. A range of maps with different number of players as well as different events are available. In space combat, each side has only one space station, which must be upgraded so that more ships can be built. The construction of asteroid mines gives you additional resources. A number of buildpads allow you to build satellites for defensive purposes. On some maps, there are even unique buildings that can be used to build special ships after captured them or some to better defend your territory. For ground combat, each side has a complete base with buildings for the production of infantry, vehicles and air units. The construction of mines gives you additional resources. On the buildpads turrets or defensive structures can be constructed. By taking special buildings on some maps, you can build unique units or better defend your area with them.

Space Maps

Combat for Abydos - The Secret of Arcanus - Trapped in the Asteroid Field - The Aschen Ruse - Attack on Asuras - Chaos over Athos - The Siege of Atlantis - Celestis’ Catharsis - The Battle for Dakara - Raid of Delmak - Doranda’s Remains - Danger to Edowin - The Loop of Kon Garat - Ambush within the Ion Nebula - Conflict over KS7-535 - Resistance over M6H-987 - The Eye of the Storm - Escape out of the Mine Field - The Might of the Asgard - Riot at P3R-118 - Decision by the Supergate - Encounter at the Sun’s Orbit - The Blue Giant of Talthus - The Legacy of the Tobins - The Awakening of the Wraith

Wave Mode

Wave Mode is a defence scenario. Depending on the map it can be played as Tau’ri, Goa’uld or Wraith. In space you take control of a space station and have to defend it against advancing waves of enemy ships. With the help of satellites, asteroid mines as well as neutral buildings you secures your position. On the ground you have a small base with a line of defence, which must stop the landing troops. You can build turrets, construct ground mines and conquer special buildings. The battle is won when the space station or a at least one base building remains intact after all waves have been destroyed. The difficulty level is dependent on the number of AI players: One AI means easy difficulty, two medium and three hard difficulty.

Battle over Antarctica - Fight for Aurora